Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mom's and Tot's Consignment Store

If you are a parent with a young child in Auburn or Opelika, chances are you have met Karla, a mother who, as far as I can tell, greatly surpasses my abilities of keeping things together. She has organized a wonderful playgroup/mother's community known as Auburn Mom's and Tot's.

After being the organizer extraordinare of this group, she is working to provide another service for us parents here in the Auburn area. Mom's and Tot's Consignment Store will be opening up May 2008 in Downtown Opelika. This store will take in a variety of items including children and maternity clothes, books, toys, certain furniture, decor, baby swings, etc.

For parents, using a consignment shop is not only a good way to save money when trying to purchase all those things that we need along the way, but can also be financially beneficial when we no longer need those all-to-quickly outgrown children's items. When you no longer need the baby monitor or the infant swing, might as well drop it off at the consignment shop, pass it on to someone else, and make a little money in the process.

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