Sunday, March 30, 2008

Aaron/Kawasaki/Park Trio

Last Friday night, it was my pleasure to attend the musical performance by a violin, cello, and piano trio at the Jule Collins Smith Museum. I called ahead on Wednesday and reserved a seat for myself and friend somewhat on a whim, without very high expectations of the evening. Boy was I in for a surprise. These were top-notch musicians who played a flawless and well put together performance. Not only did they play the notes perfectly, but they added their spirit to the music, you could almost feel it flowing through them.

All combinations of instruments were played, with solos, duets between the different instruments, and as a finale, the trio together. The entire audience was so taken with them that the applause continued even after they exited the stage, so they returned for an encore...after which they received a standing ovation.

I for one, did not want the music to end, and enjoyed every moment of the performance. I think it was a credit to the museum to have such a delightful group come to play. Afterwards, there was complimentary wine and snacks. All in all a very classy and enjoyable evening.

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