Thursday, March 6, 2008

Birthday Clubs

I recently celebrated my 25th birthday and got to enjoy the birthday coupons which came my way via email through the birthday clubs I had joined.
My first stop that day was Coldstone Creamery, which I must say is my absolute favorite Ice Cream shop in town. And although Coldstone is too expensive for me to enjoy regularly, on my birthday it is different. I printed off the coupon they sent into my email, took it up to the counter and they said, pick whatever you like in a love it size. They do not scrimp, do not try to trick me into spending anything else, they do not limit my choices. I can pick any flavor of ice cream, and add in any mix-ins I want (reeses, brownie's, strawberries, oreos, etc, etc, etc) Needless to say, I was in heaven.
That evening I went to Niffer's to enjoy my free birthday meal there. Again, I printed out my coupon which they had sent to my email for joining their birthday club. I had a delicious crabby penne pasta dish, served with a side salad and garlic bread, and sweet tea, all of which was free of charge upon presentation of my coupon. This time there were a few limitations in my selection (couldn't choose a dinner off the back of the menu), and I still ended up spending money because of course my family came with me and had their own meals. But considering that Niffer's is one of my all time favorite places to eat in Auburn I was thrilled.
If you have not yet signed up for these birthday clubs let me highly recommend it. You can find more information on Frugal Auburn's Restaurant Page.

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