Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Gnu's Room Events

The Gnu's Room is a local Used and Rare Book store located on Gay Street next to Amsterdam cafe.  They frequently have interesting events that are free to the public.  I have been to a few talks given there and find it a nice cozy atmosphere.  Beware, however, parking is sometimes impossible to find, so you might want to be dropped off or plan on walking a ways.  I just received an email telling about some upcoming events at the Gnu's Room:

  • Thursday, September 24th at 7:00 p.m. - Science Cafe Auburn
A.U. Biology professor Debbie Folkerts will be our guest speaker on
the topic, "Pitcher Plants and Insects." Science Cafes bring a wealth
of information to the layperson from an expert in one of the
scientific disciplines. A short presentation of the topic is followed
by a time for Q&A.
  • Friday, September 25th at 7:00 p.m. - Film Screening
Curator Kerry Weldon brings another group of short films to the Gnu's
Room. This month's films are:

1) "Twitch" directed by Leah Meyerhoff
2) "Doors" directed by Mandra Waback
3) "Steel Homes" directed by Eva Weber
4) "A Triplet Affair" directed by Lauryn Siegel
5) "575 Castro St." directed by Jenni Olson

This series presents award-winning short films as well as the works of
local filmmakers. A short discussion follows the final film. No
admission fee.
  • Friday, October 2nd at 7:00 p.m. - Expressions Cafe
The first Friday of every month the Gnu's Room invites poets, writers,
storytellers, spoken word artists, musicians to perform their craft
for an appreciative and enthusiastic audience.

Don't forget, you can now grab a cup of our delicious coffee or tea on
the way to class or work now that we open at 7:00 a.m. Monday-Friday!
There are no parking issues early in the morning, and if you are in a
huge rush ... call us and we will have your beverage waiting when you
get there!!!

The Gnu's Room is now offering discounts to seniors (55 and over) on
Wednesdays. Discounts of 20% on used books and $0.25 off any beverage
are offered all day, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

We are now carrying ten different yummy varieties of cookies from the
Alternative Baking Co. These just happen to be vegan cookies packed
with flavor. We have sampled almost all of them and haven't found one
we don't like yet! With names like Colossal Chocolate Chip, Peanut
Butter Persuasion, Phenomenal Pumpkin Spice and Outrageous Oatmeal
Raisin with Walnuts, the cookies are made with organic wheat flour and
have NO trans fats, dairy, eggs or artificial ingredients. There are
even wheat-free varieties! Even if you aren't vegan, you should give
these cookies a try on your next visit to the store.

Be sure to check out our Calendar at FrugalAuburn.com for these events and more!

Equestrian Matches

I love horses and so I love going to AU's Equestrian Matches.  They are free to the public and lots of fun to watch.  If you have children there is an added bonus b/c during most matches they have free horse rides for children and a horse in a small corral for them to look at and pet.  My family and I attended an equestrian match last weekend and here are some pictures from the fun the children had.  The first picture is my daughter enjoying the horse rides.  The second picture is my other daughter displaying "Clouds", the stick pony she made at the pony-making station.  In the background you can see BigBird, the pony which was on display for the children.  If the picture had been taken a little later BigBird would have been rainbow colored because they let all the children finger paint him!

Don't forget to check the calendar at FrugalAuburn.com to keep up with current Equestrian Matches and other Auburn Events!

Football Season is Upon Us

Football season is here, and in Auburn, we get excited about that.  Along with the games themselves there is a lot of other fun to be had and much of it is free.  This year Auburn has started Friday Night Block Parties before gamedays.  They start at 6:00pm and go until 8:30 pm in Downtown Auburn at West Magnolia Ave.  There is live music and family friendly fun for all.  After winning games (knock on wood) grab a roll of toilet paper and head to Roll Toomer's Corner and the big oak tree.  Rolling the oak tree is fabulous fun as hundreds of fans join up cheering and whooping and generally causing mayhem.  It's a great excuse to be a little crazy and throw some toilet paper.  Don't have any toilet paper on you?  No worries, join the crowd anyways, it's still good fun and typically at some point a roll will come sailing at you anyway.  Just grab it and throw it on it's way! 

Also, on September 24th at 7:00pm Auburn Public Library is having a talk by Thom Gossom, Jr who played football for Auburn in the 70's and was the first black athlete to graduate from Auburn University. This seems like an exciting opportunity to hear a bit of history and hear about his deep love of football.

All around town there is always fun to be had during football season.  Don't forget to check out the calendar on FrugalAuburn.com to keep up with what's happening.  War Eagle!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Frugal Auburn in Lee Magazine

Lee Magazine is a great magazine about all that is going on right here in Lee County.  I regularly read the magazine (they have them at Kroger) so I was tickled to find mention of FrugalAuburn in one of their articles. 
Lindsey Waits calls us "One of the coolest tools available for Lee County parents".  I'm glad to know that people are enjoying the website (parent or not)!  

You can go here to read the full article.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Speaking of Coupons

A lot of the stores around town have internet coupons on their websites that you can print from home. Whether you are going for an oil change, clothes shopping, stopping by hobby lobby, or going out to Mama Goldberg's for a sandwich it pays to check out the website first. Here are a few of the one's I have found...

Mama Goldberg's - Mama's Love Sandwich BOGO with the purchase of sandwich and large drink.

Big 10 Tires - Variety of % off and $ off various services, including oil change coupon.

American Lube Fast - $5.00 off any Service

Books-A-Million - $5.00 off $25.00 or more (expires 10/01/09)

Hobby Lobby - Weekly Coupon - Changes from week to week, but often 40% anything in the store.

Kroger - Grocery coupons both to load on your kroger card electronically and to print out at home.

Mike's Merchandise - Sign up for the e-mail Newsletter, when it comes you can print it out  for 10% off your entire purchase.

Old Navy - You have to search for them, but if you click the right place you can get some pretty good coupons here.