Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Football Season is Upon Us

Football season is here, and in Auburn, we get excited about that.  Along with the games themselves there is a lot of other fun to be had and much of it is free.  This year Auburn has started Friday Night Block Parties before gamedays.  They start at 6:00pm and go until 8:30 pm in Downtown Auburn at West Magnolia Ave.  There is live music and family friendly fun for all.  After winning games (knock on wood) grab a roll of toilet paper and head to Roll Toomer's Corner and the big oak tree.  Rolling the oak tree is fabulous fun as hundreds of fans join up cheering and whooping and generally causing mayhem.  It's a great excuse to be a little crazy and throw some toilet paper.  Don't have any toilet paper on you?  No worries, join the crowd anyways, it's still good fun and typically at some point a roll will come sailing at you anyway.  Just grab it and throw it on it's way! 

Also, on September 24th at 7:00pm Auburn Public Library is having a talk by Thom Gossom, Jr who played football for Auburn in the 70's and was the first black athlete to graduate from Auburn University. This seems like an exciting opportunity to hear a bit of history and hear about his deep love of football.

All around town there is always fun to be had during football season.  Don't forget to check out the calendar on FrugalAuburn.com to keep up with what's happening.  War Eagle!

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