Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Equestrian Matches

I love horses and so I love going to AU's Equestrian Matches.  They are free to the public and lots of fun to watch.  If you have children there is an added bonus b/c during most matches they have free horse rides for children and a horse in a small corral for them to look at and pet.  My family and I attended an equestrian match last weekend and here are some pictures from the fun the children had.  The first picture is my daughter enjoying the horse rides.  The second picture is my other daughter displaying "Clouds", the stick pony she made at the pony-making station.  In the background you can see BigBird, the pony which was on display for the children.  If the picture had been taken a little later BigBird would have been rainbow colored because they let all the children finger paint him!

Don't forget to check the calendar at FrugalAuburn.com to keep up with current Equestrian Matches and other Auburn Events!

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