Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Forest Ecology Preserve Events & News

The Forest Ecology Preserve is a lovely piece of ground owned by Auburn University.  On it you will find miles of trails through the forest.  If you spend some time there you will find such things as a turtle pond with a little pier going out on the water, a deer blind, a "natural" playground for children, informative signs, and in the spring I have even tasted blackberries along the power-line trail.  At any rate, it is a wonderful spot to enjoy nature and I highly recommend going and checking it out.

The Preserve is located on North College on the right side of the road after you past the fisheries on the left heading toward 280.  You have to watch closely for the entrance, it is well marked, but you'll only see it once you are upon it.  I believe it is open every day from sunup to sunset.

Here is there most recent newsletter about what is going on at the preserve:

Winter Discovery Hikes are held every Tuesday afternoon for
children(ages 5-12) at 3:30 till 4:30 p.m. No registration  required.
Canceled if raining or below freezing.

Winter Walks are held every Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m.. Canceled if

Bird Counting and Feeding 101   Saturday, February 6th   2:00 p.m.
Have you ever wanted to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count,
but didn't feel comfortable with your bird identification? Join Rita
Kemp of the Auburn Birding Club and the Preserve staff for a program the
weekend before the bird count to learn about why they have the count,
identifying the most common birds found here, and some feeding tips to
attract birds. A quick lesson on using binoculars and scopes, then we
will head out for some birding on the Preserve trails. We'll send you
home with a bird ID sheet and some confidence to participate in the
count or enjoy birding on your own! Admission is $2. All proceeds will
go for bird seed for the Preserve feeders. For more information visit
call Jennifer Lolley at 334-707-6512 or visit the Preserve website at
www.auburn.edu/preserve .

Winter Constellation Class      Friday, February 12th   7:00 p.m. -
8:30 p.m.
Enjoy an evening under the beautiful winter skies of Auburn at the Mary
Olive Thomas Demonstration Forest on Moore's Mill Road ( go one mile
past the new CVS- look for sign on the left). Explore the winter
constellations with Jennifer Lolley of the Louise Kreher Forest Ecology
Preserve. Learn some of the myths and legends surrounding these
constellations including Orion the Hunter, The Pleiades- Seven Sisters,
Canis Major- Big Dog and Canis Minor- Little Dog, Taurus the Bull and
Perseus and Andromeda and more. Rain date is set for Saturday, February
13th at 7 p.m.. Dress warm and bring a flashlight. Admission is $2 for
members, $3 for non-members. All proceeds will be donated to help Haiti.
For more information call Jennifer at 334-707-6512 or visit the Preserve
website at www.auburn.edu/preserve

Summer Camps will start June 1st and run for 5 sessions. The theme this
year is The Web of Life. Registration and date info will be on website
in February.

Forest Friends preschool  6 week session will start Tuesday,March 27th
or Friday, April 2nd. Weekly themes will include Beautiful Birds, Forest
Babies, Incredible Insects, Unhuggables, Native Americans, Frog Fun at
the Pond. Registration will start March 1st. Check website in February
for more info.

Nature Playground under construction. Children already enjoying
boulders , sand pit, balancing logs and stumps! Big thanks to all the
volunteers who are helping to make this a wonderful place for our kids!
Hope to have it completed by early Spring!

Events to put on your calender:

March 27th    ( watch for possible date change)   SWaMP party- Learn
more about our water and the  Saugahatchee Creek and ways we can help
save it! Check out our Saugahatchee Watershed Management Plan- rain
gardens, grass swales, rain barrells and water catchment system from our
pavilion roof.

April 10th      Goods From the Woods!  A celebration of the Forest and
the goods we all love from the woods. See a demonstration of mule
logging, a portable saw mill, woodworkers, papermaking and other fun

April 17th   Astronomy Night at the Mary Olive Thomas Demonstration

April 25th- look for us at the Auburn City Fest

May 1st- Forest Fest, Songs in the Woods- enjoy some great music out at
the Preserve

May 8th  Honeybees! Learn all about this amazing insect!

June- Geocaching 101, Date TBA

September- Hummingbirds with Fred Basset- Date TBA

October- Creepy Wonderful Critters- Alligators!  Date TBA

November- Preserve 5K Trail Run   Date TBA

December 11th  Holiday Wreath/ Centerpiece  Workshop

Please consider becoming a member if you haven't joined already! We
need your support! Family memberships are $35. Great bargain!
Individual, $25, Students, $15
If you are interested in volunteering, contact us at
For more information contact Jennifer Lolley at 334-844-8091 or

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