Friday, August 28, 2009

Jewelry Promo

Silver Jewelry Club is a place where Peora, a jewelry manufacturer is offering some of their pieces for free. Well, almost free. You do have to pay a shipping/handling charge of $6.99, but really that's not much for a piece of nice jewelry.

What's the catch? Well they only offer certain pieces in certain sizes (for rings) at any one time. There is no magazine to browse, just a, here's what we got, grab it if you want it kind of thing. Don't let this discourage you though, because they do a good job of rotating the selection. There are four items available at all times and they tell you how long they will be available (from 0 - 15 mins). If you watch for a few minutes you will see a good variety of styles and different stones, and quite often if you pay attention you can get a matching set of earrings and necklace.

In the spirit of checking out a service before recommending it I did order from them, and was very pleased. The jewelry is nice and is accurately depicted on their site. Man, this research stuff is tough...I also "researched" the burger and shake deal that sonic is currently having right now $2.99 for a sonic burger and milkshake...a great and delicious deal!

Hmm, what can I research next?

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